A Traveler’s Guide (series)

Posted by: on Nov 29, 2011

(September 16, 2011)
by Kosal Khiev

Walked a lonely path but never seemed to mind
Cuz the company he kept was destine to shine
In solitude he befriended father time
Seeing the world through the eyes of the blind
So he kept his faith in the dark with his heart open and lying
Awake at night with his eyes open and crying
Wishing he was far and away out in the open and flying
But everyday he’s a little more broken and dying
One flight was all it took and it was Cambodia he was eying
Saw the ugliness of her but he kept on prying
Trying to discover what kept her from dying
What beauty!what resolve!, how she opened up her arms
Felt like he fell into the bosom of his moms
So he melted into her song
And finally found a companion as he continued to walk along

The Sound Of Broken Chains

Posted by: on Nov 29, 2011

(September 23, 2011)
by Kosal Khiev

So let me break it down,
break u down pound 4 pound,
break dance u around the sounds of broken chains
its broken rage unbroken through these pages said the sage,
my age broken like memories scattered through a maze,
a slave born free but trapped in them days,
lost his way thru poverty and graves,
landmarks of a moment,stolen now vague,
plague with remnants of a moment frozen,now plays,
the film is reeling,the character is building,
i was iced up,how am i feeling,
i’ve been numb,made to be felt dumb,
made with legs with wings to reach the sun but i was clipped with a gun,
knees broken come morning,crumbling in crumbs,
with tears pouring i was done warring,please God wont u come,
no more running,

The Message

Posted by: on Nov 25, 2011

(Monday, August 29, 2011)

by Kosal Khiev

Word to the broken and Blessed
ONELOVE that’s the message
spoken word,that’s my expression
life’s a journey, taught all my lessons
thus far, my sojourn has been a blessing
trials and tribulations has gave me patience
elevation of education has made me ancient
wisdom’s tooth
i speak the truth
lets end the feud
lets begin with the youth
lets move to a new drum and come anew
see i come from a different point of view
see the world through my eyes and watch how the rose grew
wove through the concrete in search of the truth
tribe of the lost sons,this one’s for you
a slum-dog millionaire
if you wonder what got me here
hoped for the best even if i was scared
weathered through the storms
and somehow persevered
so if you staring down a storm
prepare for the change
be reborn,you’ve been forged through the flames
go ahead,reflect from whence you have came
cuz the trail you have left is filled with remains
bones of the slain,speaking in a tongue so strange
so im speaking in tongues so the young can acclaim
lets not repeat history
picture me
shackled in chains but that’s my history
so follow me through the trails of misery
littered with memories of a childhood so bittersweet
felt so alone so the loneliness was killing me
never knew love til i fell in love with the inner me…

What if…

Posted by: on Nov 11, 2011

By Kosal Khiev

My whole life i have wondered where my life would be if certain things were to be different, from being an orphan to being fed with a silver spoon..
I’ve sat as a child in the back of our burgendy beat down family station wagon,
looking out of dusty rusted window
as passer byers fly off to their unknown destination…
wondering what purpose makes them travel…
i wonder if their life is as colorful and as dull as mine…
or if they suffer the same fears and hopes…
i know…
i was young
how could i have thought like this? maybe looking back on it now i can see my childhood from such a clearer perspective..
even now i still wonder when i look upon strangers who walks by me…
so now i look back and share my past in my present in order to shape my future…
if that makes any sense at all…
so there are no what ifs there is only now
who am i today…
and today i am Kosal Khiev still trying to view life from a different angle
still learning to love
still growing and maturing into a man and a brother and a son
and a friend
I am Kosal Khiev, a Khmer Exiled American living in Cambodia in the land of my ancestors whom i have come to love and admire and forever humbled by the love of my homeland..but still every now and then i have to ask myself what if.

Earth’s Very Own

Posted by: on Nov 5, 2011

By Kosal Khiev

Live Long and Prosper
I’m throwin up the Vulcan
Star Trek me
I’m Earth’s very own
Word Spoken
so every word burst with a high potent
Far East coastin
I’m goin deep space
trace the particles of my warp speed
I bleed Klingon
so go ahead and try to war me
i got the phaser on freeze
with a beast with no leash on
and i dont mind if im the one you sleep on.