Extended Trailer for “Cambodian Son” Documentary Film

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Watch the extended trailer of the upcoming documentary “Cambodian Son” here:

Studio Revolt is seeking donations to complete the film project. Donate by May 24, 2013 to our Indiegogo Campaign
or contact us for direct donations.

Unite Us

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Struggle no more. Take your place as rightful heirs to this world we call earth and set to right the wrongs of humanity. Unite Us! —Kosal Khiev

Press Play. Sit Back. Listen. Repeat.
This is “Unite Us” by Kosal Khiev

This video is dedicated to
all Trayvon Martins
all Fathers and Mothers who are deported
all Children serving life sentences in American prisons
— Studio Revolt, July 17, 2013

Home Sweet Home

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Kosal Khiev sings for you tonight. HOME SWEET HOME was written for women in abusive relationships. This was shot impromptu in real YouTube style. Play this song and we bet you will be repeating the chorus for half a day after listening.

Return to Sender

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Return To Sender is a video letter sent from Phnom Penh, Cambodia to Washington, D.C. The video is a collection of testimonies by Khmer Exiled Americans extradited to Cambodia under harsh US deportation policies. The video continues our interest in giving voice to abandoned and forgotten stories.

My Asian Americana

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Exiles and ex-pats unite as a community to present images of an Americana they left behind. One half live outside the US by choice while the other half has been forcibly returned. All are Americans. Each raised with the memories, mannerisms, and a distinct cultural identity of growing up Asian in America. This piece is both a short film and a PSA to remind the public of untold stories about Asian Americans ordered into exile. These are the narratives of Cambodian Americans impacted by US deportation policies.

Why I Write

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WHY I WRITE is the first episode in a series of spoken word videos by Khmer American exile Khiev Kosal in collaboration with Studio Revolt. Kosal, a poet and tattoo artist resides in Phnom Penh after spending 14 years of his life in a U.S. prison.