Kosal Khiev’s  “essentials” for recent arrivals:

What to expect when coming back to Cambodia…well, truthfully there will be nothing you could ever expect.. but this was my experience as a khmer exiled american..I was placed in the custody of I.C.E Immigration Custody Enforcement  after I was released from prison. I didn’t even make it out to hug my mom good bye or anything.. the head quarters for where they will round up all the Khmer returnees is located in Tacoma Washington there they will take your love one, son, brother, sister, daughter, father,  mother  to  be interview  by the Cambodian consulate. From there those who will be deported will depart from  Seattle airport to LAX and from there will most likely fly Thai Airways..onto Bangkok then from Bangkok to Phnom Penh. they’ll then be escorted to Cambodian immigration office..and the liason for the U.S. will depart with no follow up whatsoever.  I would advise anyone to NOT bring any money on them but rather have it sent so it doesn’t get lost by some “mishap.” Also if any relative or friend comes pick them up they will need to have fifty dollars, required compensation for your temporary ID.  if you have no one to come pick you up you can contact RISC (http://www.risccambodia.org/) and they will sponsor you out. from there you will need to make your ID which will cost you $150 us dollars and a family book for another 30 us dollars but you will need to be sponsored by someone in order to get it done..then transportation is key..a good used motor bike goes for $600-700 us dollars and brand new $1700 US dollars next would be a place to stay.I guess rent would vary: $150 for a month for rent water  gas and electric but really most of all staying connected with you all out there.. that would be the biggest help of all.. so internet is a must..which will be another $19 a month.

its gonna be rough cause food will definetly cost to the overall budget  and the bigger problem is how are they going to sustain it so next will be jobs.. so you can help by getting their resume together or if they have certain skills or vocation.

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