Unite Us

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Struggle no more. Take your place as rightful heirs to this world we call earth and set to right the wrongs of humanity. Unite Us! —Kosal Khiev

Press Play. Sit Back. Listen. Repeat.
This is “Unite Us” by Kosal Khiev

This video is dedicated to
all Trayvon Martins
all Fathers and Mothers who are deported
all Children serving life sentences in American prisons
— Studio Revolt, July 17, 2013

HOME CLUB presents SPEAK (Kosal Khiev – Cambodia)

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Poetry Parnassus at Contacting the Word—Kosal Khiev – ‘Love You I’

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As part of the Poetry Parnassus tour Bewketu Seyoum,Kosal Khiev read at Contacting the Word hosted by Reece Williams. The event was part of Contacting the World 2012 at the Contact Theatre, Manchester.

Poetry Parnassus at Way With Words – Kosal Khiev

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At the Way With Words festival in Dartington, BBC journalist Razia Iqbal hosted a Poetry Parnassus tour event on Freedom of Expression. Along with Ribka Sibhatu and Jang Jin Seong, Kosal Khiev spoke about his exile from the USA to Cambodia

Kosal Finds His Father in France

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On March 26, 2013. A random person from France makes an FB contact with Kosal. She turns out to be his half sister he never knew existed.


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Kosal Khiev aka Spoken Kosal, Send off party at Pontoon, Phnom Penh Cambodia, featuring KlapYaHandz, Tiny Toones, and friends. Organized by KlapYaHandz 391 Films, an initiative of the {K}reactive nation. Track in the Background: Phnom Penh, featuring Dolla (Sokha Chhim), Prolifik (Chally), Gobeshite (Grant), Bboy Peanut and Aping. Produced by Sok Cream Visal for KlapYaHandz Production

Kosal Detained in London Airport for “further questions regarding your visa”

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“Kosal Khiev and Masahiro arrived at Heathrow airport on June 23rd as planned to attend the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad for Poetry Parnassus where 204 poets from 204 countries gather to celebrate peace and art. Kosal was invited to represent the Kingdom of Cambodia. Upon arrival at the border control, immigration officials blocked his entry and detained him. He is currently at an immigration holding center, experiencing some trauma that he went through a year ago when he was deported to Cambodia from the U.S. We are making all efforts to free Kosal. Please help spread the word and build pressure to the UK border control. Kosal has a visa issued by UK government to participate in this event. Thank you.”

Kosal Released

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Kosal was finally released from the UK immigration authority after over 20 hours of incarceration. We still need to find out what kept him there but for now we have little to worry about. Thank you so much for your support. They took a notice of the large amount of international inquiries that followed his detention. It definitely made the difference. Otherwise, it would have been not until Monday afternoon (I’m guessing). So thank you.