Unite Us

It will be an uphill battle i tell you, a battle that must be taken all the way to capitol hill, so as we prepare ourselves for such a warfare, let us stand fast, and let us equip our hearts, and fortify our spirits with Love, Compassion, Kindness, and Empathy.
Let us not tangle ourselves within the thorns of bitterness, and hatred, but Let each of our voices be raised aloud in Unity, and Perseverance; and know, that we shall overcome any obstacle placed before us. And our voices shall be heard not just here, but the world all over.

That we as a human race shall not be divided by Inequality of race, wealth, color, or creed, but United and bound by the same idea that we are One huge Family, living under the same starry sky with the same hopes, fears, and dreams. This I decree to all my brothers and sisters.

Do not be shackled by the chains of indifference, but break free from the bonds man made to separate us. We are not geography, born to live and die on that same dirt, but born to live and die with those we love, and in between that life and death, to also be free to live a life worth living.

So let freedom ring like Martin Luther King did when he first stood and spoke, he had a dream! I tell you, his dream is still unfolding, still taking shape within each of our lives as we continue to struggle with our own sense of identity, our own sense of place and belonging. No longer!

Take your rightful place as heirs to this world we call earth, and set right the wrongs of humanity. Unite Us! My Fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, uncles, and aunts, descendants of old and new, let us rebuild this divided bridge of injustice, and re-dedicate our-selves to reunite as a global community.

And let those who will surely come after us, after we are dead and gone,
let us hear them say that, “There was a time when we came to be together as One!”



Video: http://spokenkosal.com/2013/07/17/united-us/

Posted by: on Jul 17, 2013