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Watch the extended trailer of the upcoming documentary “Cambodian Son” here:

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The film has been in development with very little money and solely on the shoulders of Masahiro Sugano as the lone camera man, editor, director, and producer. The film marks a historical moment for both incarcerated individuals and deportees because Kosal Khiev is a man who reformed himself through the power of spoken word poetry and after serving 14 years in a US prison would find himself a celebrated poet at the London Cultural Olympiad in June 2012. Masahiro followed his compelling story since Kosal’s deportation to Cambodia.

Now we need to finish the film and have exhausted everything possible and need to turn to our communities for assistance.
Please help in any way you can and furthermore, please forward these links widely.

Indiegogo Campaign for “Cambodian Son”

The film’s extended trailer can be found here:

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