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Happy Khmer New Year

First let me say Happy Khmer New Years to all those who are celebrating it.

To be truthful and honest to the moment let me say that as of this moment i have this huge headache..i feel the pressure…the responsibilities of being who i am. and i am at a lost as to what to write for this blog. I will try my best to be as honest as possible. As you all know as of late i have been struggling with myself..battling past demons and mistakes and the loneliness i feel within as it echoes throughout the confines of my soul. I have been wading through this muck of a mire..treading..stumbling..falling..but i refuse to lay there..for some reason i keep getting back up..people tell me i should get up for myself..that i should love myself that i should take care of myself..which i sometimes agree..but it is through the ones i love where i am able to gather my strength from..i get up cause it is just not man is an island.i get back up cause the weight and ghost of my past will not let me rest.

.asianways..this past new years has been an adventure for sure. I was able to take a trip to thailand which was a great opportunity to see what else is out there..and now i wish to explore and stand at the very places where i have only read about or seen in movies..this year of the dragon is very significant indeed. at one point i was homeless for about a month but with the help of family and friends i have been able to save enough money to rent a place. i would talk more about that but those emotions would be better expressed if you were to hear me through spoken the meantime i am busy writing and memorizing and preparing for what lies ahead. Let me take this opportunity to thank Studio Revolt, Masahiro Sugano and Anida Yoeu Ali for having patience with me and your belief and for all the wisdom and experience that you both have manage bestow upon me. None of this would be possible if it wasnt for you love and support. Everyone stay tune to what we have next in store for you..its going to be huge..!!!! ONELOVE, Kosal

Posted by: on Apr 17, 2012