Love U I

”Im swimming through butterflies cause her eyes remind me of sunlight..
reflected moon beams filled with dreams of sunshine..
her surface serves purpose so her worth is 9 times..
earth merge with dirt she’s worthy of love..
pure joy..
surely she hugs with love..
full of pure joy..
sublime noise..
her tongue caresses my words so i immerse myself with her worth..
she’s earth and im the dirt..
curse to seep in soil that men toil..
i rose and grew and bloomed like daisy’s til the temper of men boils..
now im uprooted..
sooted in the ashes of battle clashes..
screaming take me backwards..
but im moving forward towards fields of better pastures..
so let me ask ya..
why paths cross if we weren’t meant to happen..
gun clapping made my life tragic..
screaming out what the fuck happened..
but even as the waves come crashing it recedes back into action..
flowing currents got me dreaming of her inner soul’s passions..
ambitions to be a winner..
a sinner in seek of redemption i question..
thoughts seems lost til i find its direction..
so every word quoted is noted for your ears alone i mention..
lest my word get cut off by henchmens..
so this is my extension..
mind, heart, and body, plus a spiritual dimension written through a pen..
forgive me for my sins, im flawed..
pieces of my gems ya’ll collect these pieces..
this is my thesis for the broken hearts..
i heed callings so im freefalling..
in hopes i would grow wings and blossom..
sung from the bottom..
so my song can be sung when falling..
catch my words im scrawling..
im in a dream state..
kept in a box i slept til my dreams ached..
wept til i was sobbing til my dreams tasted..
like breaking waves breaking away changing into my mama’s face..
now im breaking wave still chasing for her warm embrace..
see if you can trace my hatred..
find the origin of love i came with..
we were strangers until fate changed it..
so now im painting out my soul..
so go ahead and frame it..
capture my essence..
realign my sentence..
love you i..
i love you without conditions..” OneloveKosal Khiev

Posted by: on Mar 29, 2012