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To those who are following my blogs as well as my body of work, let me tell you how truly bless i feel to know that you are out there reading and listening and sharing your comments and thoughts.It is such a relief to know that i am not alone in feeling the way i do and in expressing what i feel. Thank you truly from the bottom of my heart. This journey so far has been quite a long, hard, and arduous trek that i have unwittingly embarked upon. Scars, blood, tears as well as the wrinkled lines of laughter has seemingly been etched on me and into me and through me. And as i sit here trying to string along thoughts and feelings to you, i must try to convey the depth at which i feel for you and all those who are reading my words.  Let me say this.. I come from a place of love borne from the darkest of depths. My 32 birthday is coming up on march 12 and i have a feeling of mixed emotions. This will be the marking of a new me. My first birthday as a free man since the age of 16 ,but to be honest, even as a kid my birthday has never held any special significant meaning. I do feel that the turning of this calendar date will signify for me a coming to my own, with the freedom to love and aspire to something beyond simple greatness but something that will endure through the ages of time. I hope and continue to pray that you all will continue  in this journey with me. Thank you dearly for being who you are. Together we can stand on the precipice of change and move as one with Onelove. ONELOVE,Kosal Khiev

Posted by: on Feb 6, 2012