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PUC Radio Talk Show with the Princess

(Jan 13, 2012)

kosal at puc radio

Full audio version of the PUC Radio Talk Show (1 hour, 30mins)



This past Wednesday on Jan 11 I was invited by the Royal Princess Ms. Soma Norodom to be a guest appearance on PUC Radio Talk Show. My first reaction was wow… really?  I felt so honored and blessed to know that the work that I’m doing along with the help and support of my family and friends is being recognized. In all honesty I was extremely nervous but Ms. Soma was very easy going and right away she made me feel really comfortable. I mean here I am, a kid who spent most of his young adult life in prison for a very poor choice as a teenager. Now I am sitting in front of a real live royal princess sharing with her and the listeners the story of my life among other things. That moment filled me with so much love and appreciation for where I am in life. For so many years I have dreamt dreams of one day doing what I love and being able to be in a position to share my message of love and hope. And to be asked to be on the only English speaking radio shows in Cambodia was a dream come true. I really felt like an exiled King who has now come into another certain kind of royalty in exiledom. One ruled with love and honor and respect with an outlook of the deepest appreciation for life.

I hope everyone enjoyed the experience and was touched by it as I was. If I can change the perception and view of one person on how they have viewed themselves and the world around them with my story then I do consider myself blessed and fortunate.  This is just the beginning and I can feel it within my bones, we are on the precipice of a conscious global change, here in Cambodia as well as with the world abroad and I am proud humbled and honored to be a part of creating creativity in creation.

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