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A New Day Cambodia

(Jan 13, 2012)

kosal at andc 3

For the past month and a half on every Thursday Ryan Danger Tong and I have been teaching creative writing at A New Day Cambodia. We started off with one class and now we have expanded to 2 classes with two different learning levels. A third class is being talked about in incorporating visual arts since that is also one of my loves. Let me tell you that these kids are amazing and the only thing I’m having trouble with are their names. J  They are very smart and quick witted. I have found myself challenging them with the speed and depth with what they are learning and to my surprise and amazement they are rapidly increasing their vocabulary and what they are able to retain. Wow!

My goal is to develop them into articulate well spoken Khmer men and women who can string complex thoughts together and can be social with the world abroad. This week we talked about the journey written by Mary Oliver and together we broke down her poem.  After, I ask them about their own journey and to see their life as one.  Right now they are students but in 5 years from now where would they like to go or be and with asking that question I think it sparked something within them; that they can become whoever they wish to become.

We also talked about imagination because I wanted them to start thinking outside the box. It wasn’t easy but I was able to explain using metaphors which they finally got. If you’re thinking I wonder what method he used to teach imagination? Well if you’re interested in my process of creative writing and teaching methods feel free to contact me through the website.

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