Why I Write

by Kosal Khiev

I write 4 men,women,and children.any 1 who ever felt alone, any1 who ever felt disowned,i write for the bones buried in a country call home,
i write for u the listener so listen up
take a step back and imagine the bigger picture
cuz i write the real so feel me
i write for inner city street kids
struggling to find their place in a world to concern with race
i write for the momz and pops shops
strugglng to stay atop cuz the dopeboyz got the block on lock
cant compete with the drama
so i write soap operas
about single mothers and brothers
about the struggle and hustle
the bustling city where empty bellies rumble
like silent earthquakes we shake
hungry like young lions
we defying the the odds
prayin to God Lord give us the strength to carry on
so i write to redefine the stars
naw, none of that hollywood glitz and glamour
or them stones that shimmer and glimmer
some of that earthy residue that comes thru when one is being true
so i write to the few
hoping i get trickled down to the masses
i wanna spark the world and get reborn in its ashes
i wanna unfog their glasses and make em see the sons and daughters they abandoned to be bastards
know that we grow like mollasses
i point to the north like davie jones compass
just follow the sounds of trumphets and listen up
i write for love
for wind chimes when they dangle and jangle
moving passionately like two doing the tango
i write for the sweet taste of mangos
cuz this is that tropical heat
sun blistering
skin glistening
while drinkin coconuts under the cabana
while i listen to the sound of ur sleep
beauty like the everglades
i write to the beat drums of runaway slaves
engrave in the ecthings of oaktrees
so even when time pass we last like classic oldies
weathering the elements
i write for the essence of soul
for the old
cuz experience is wisdom and wisdom is gold
i write for the gorillas in the congos
for the nomads in the jungles following the rythm of the bongos
i write for the warriors stretched out in the far corners of asia
malaysia,cambodia,afghan,iran,iraq,and deep africa
i write for the souls lost i attica
i write for california
the golden state where we holding weight
struggling to hold on to faith
cuz they steady packing us in prisons til we’re old and grey
so i write for those in blue thats doing all day
tehachapi,new folsom,corcoran,pelican bay
all the way to susanville,high desert,and back down this way
and so many more built into cesspools
so i write about wats less cool
less fake
so less take a moment of silence for the fallen and press pause
thats enough
lets get back to the cause
lets get back to these walls
built to separate and generate hate
built to execute and induce waste
so i write from a place of pure bass
all the five elements put together to produce faith
i write for men women and children
anyone whoever felt alone
anyone whoever felt disowned
i write for the bones in a country i call home
i write for u the listener so listen up
take a step back and imagine the bigger picture
i write the real so feel me

Posted by: on Dec 5, 2011