Marks of a Man

(August 26, 2011)

by Kosal Khiev

My scars are hidden
underneath the surface
lies a broken boy
feelin like he’s worthless
for years he thought
maybe he deserves this
caged like an animal
how can he know what love is
so nothing moved him
almost let the beast consumed him
but then spoken word came
and it changed his movements
he grew into a man
who became more than stupid
truth is
he grew into a man
and became his own movement
planted his feet but they came to uproot him
almost accepted defeat
but he became a fusion
the prodigal son of Cambodia
those were his roots then
so he dug into the soil and swore with his love
opened up his heart and swore it with his blood
then he captured his tears and soaked it in the mud
what grew after that became a child of love


Posted by: on Dec 1, 2011