Two Wolves

(September 4, 2011)

by Kosal Khiev

How can i be anything other than me
What lies beneath lies a soul
A spirit that continues to unfold
as life continues to role like an epic movie
So i move to a rythm that moves me
Scenes of untouch beauty that can somehow soothe me
Taming of the beast
Two wolves that sleeps and to whomever i feed
One hates,the other loves
How can i give the other one up
Cause when i was low
He was the one that kept me warm when the world was cold
Sheltered me from the storms
When my world just froze
And he held me in his hatred when i felt so alone
Gave me the strength to fight
When i was so far from home
So instead of hate
I came to love him
but he never knew love
So it came to bug him

Posted by: on Nov 29, 2011