The Sound Of Broken Chains

(September 23, 2011)
by Kosal Khiev

So let me break it down,
break u down pound 4 pound,
break dance u around the sounds of broken chains
its broken rage unbroken through these pages said the sage,
my age broken like memories scattered through a maze,
a slave born free but trapped in them days,
lost his way thru poverty and graves,
landmarks of a moment,stolen now vague,
plague with remnants of a moment frozen,now plays,
the film is reeling,the character is building,
i was iced up,how am i feeling,
i’ve been numb,made to be felt dumb,
made with legs with wings to reach the sun but i was clipped with a gun,
knees broken come morning,crumbling in crumbs,
with tears pouring i was done warring,please God wont u come,
no more running,
im breaking wide,break free or just die,
break yourself and just fly,
one abandoned flight i was shuttled to the sky,
eye on the motherland,land of my mother’s mother
a fatherless son who have 3 brothers,
3 sisters,10 nephews,5 nieces,
look at my family picture
broken in pieces
look at my life,broken in sequence
unedited,i was held captive in secret
but wait,the horror just deepens
i was a refugee stripped of his rights and weakened
shackled in chains and was thrown in the deep end
send a convoy
this broken boy is bleeding
coughing out blood to the ground it’s seeping
alone at night where the nightmare’s sleeping
creeping at night where the devil’s keeping
all of his hate but my love is deep in-
side of a fortress where that little boy is sleeping
so let me break it down
break u down
pound for pound
break dance you around the sound of broken chains
no breaks,feeling the weight as the world shakes
nothing left to give but they still take
what more do u want from me,
my heart is still staked to the ground where the earth quakes
i home ache,listen to the sound of loneliness as bones break,
listen to the sounds of me drowning in my own lake
reflection of my father as i stare at my own face
one love,one struggle,one race
take a second to listen,this is my take,
im making my own trail so follow at my pace
trace the scars of my cuff marks,imagine yourself in my place
imagine waking up with no sense of taste
the air is stifling and the food is stale
the sun is biting and the moon is pale
you’re fighting but you’re strength has failed
you’re dying and you’re life is hell
wish u was lying and you’re life was well
but understand you can break free from that life you dwell
so let me break it down,
break you down,pound for pound,
break dance you around the sounds of broken chains.

Posted by: on Nov 29, 2011