(July 19, 2011)

by Kosal Khiev

I felt it in waves
emotionally captured
i was enraptured for days
memory vividly rendering me amazed
i was kept in a haze
like that first day u came my way
my heart fluttered
my speech stuttered
i.i.i.i was utterly dazed
but somehow i mustered the courage
and though i was nervous
i said what i had to say
excuse me miss
ur smile is bliss
and i would really like to know ur name
she smiled and i sat
and those were our first exchange
on went that night if i could remember it right
we went on talking about family,friends and life
like we’ve known each other a lifetime before that night
so hours went by and the place was dwindling
the chemistry was kindling
the attraction was part passion
man u can feel the adrenaline
intoxicated by ur mere presence
i took drink after drink from ur pure essence
until i got lost in ur earth colors
got me thinking about ur birth mother
must be mother earth
cuz u got that earth color
soil rich with life giving minerals
that down to earth type
intelligent and spiritual
i knew it off top when u talked about ur upbringing
had it hard but u kept on singing
that jazzy sound
billy holiday,sade,alicia keys,alyiah
one in a million
those were the feelings u had me feeling
so every word u speaking is deeply heard
im that listen type girl
listen and observe
hard working when u need to get served
and i dont mind getting sweaty
im mentally prepared
counteract ur move for move
im mentally there
venacular spectactular
street raised and self taught
not overly confident but a walk that street bought
my swaggs in the soul i carry
not the sole on my feet
but the soul that dares me
push me to my limits
even if it scares me
so bear with me
bear witness
our spirit is connected
intimately woven like ancient messages
unbroken through the ages
we became faceless strangers
until fate intervened
i just happened to look up and i was swimming in the eyes of a queen
her skin tone was of a golden hue
with a balcony view
i was lost in ur sunset
we just met but i was sun drenched
thats how much light u brought with u
thats how much life u brought with u
historically grounded
i was dumbfounded by ur absolute roundness
cuz ur take on the world is my exact duplicate
its in need of a change
and thats the truth i spit
so on and on
we went on talking that night
went on talking about family friends and life
like we’ve known each other a lifetime before that night.

Posted by: on Nov 29, 2011