A Traveler’s Guide (series)

(September 16, 2011)
by Kosal Khiev

Walked a lonely path but never seemed to mind
Cuz the company he kept was destine to shine
In solitude he befriended father time
Seeing the world through the eyes of the blind
So he kept his faith in the dark with his heart open and lying
Awake at night with his eyes open and crying
Wishing he was far and away out in the open and flying
But everyday he’s a little more broken and dying
One flight was all it took and it was Cambodia he was eying
Saw the ugliness of her but he kept on prying
Trying to discover what kept her from dying
What beauty!what resolve!, how she opened up her arms
Felt like he fell into the bosom of his moms
So he melted into her song
And finally found a companion as he continued to walk along

Posted by: on Nov 29, 2011