The Message

(Monday, August 29, 2011)

by Kosal Khiev

Word to the broken and Blessed
ONELOVE that’s the message
spoken word,that’s my expression
life’s a journey, taught all my lessons
thus far, my sojourn has been a blessing
trials and tribulations has gave me patience
elevation of education has made me ancient
wisdom’s tooth
i speak the truth
lets end the feud
lets begin with the youth
lets move to a new drum and come anew
see i come from a different point of view
see the world through my eyes and watch how the rose grew
wove through the concrete in search of the truth
tribe of the lost sons,this one’s for you
a slum-dog millionaire
if you wonder what got me here
hoped for the best even if i was scared
weathered through the storms
and somehow persevered
so if you staring down a storm
prepare for the change
be reborn,you’ve been forged through the flames
go ahead,reflect from whence you have came
cuz the trail you have left is filled with remains
bones of the slain,speaking in a tongue so strange
so im speaking in tongues so the young can acclaim
lets not repeat history
picture me
shackled in chains but that’s my history
so follow me through the trails of misery
littered with memories of a childhood so bittersweet
felt so alone so the loneliness was killing me
never knew love til i fell in love with the inner me…

Posted by: on Nov 25, 2011