My Asian Americana

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Exiles and ex-pats unite as a community to present images of an Americana they left behind. One half live outside the US by choice while the other half has been forcibly returned. All are Americans. Each raised with the memories, mannerisms, and a distinct cultural identity of growing up Asian in America. This piece is both a short film and a PSA to remind the public of untold stories about Asian Americans ordered into exile. These are the narratives of Cambodian Americans impacted by US deportation policies.

Posted by: on Oct 29, 2011


  1. Liz
    November 1, 2011

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
    I love this video and the message behind it! Couldn't help but cry and feel for each and everyone of you!! Especially because of my bro! We miss him sooo much!!! And to see him in this video and hear what he has to say about family just breaks my heart. Thinking we finally had him home w/us and for them to just take him away that easy… Jokes on us right? Lots of LOVE & RESPECT to each & everyone you!!!! I love the passion and the fight you guys have… just shows you wont let your struggles overcome you… YOU OVERCOME your STRUGGLES! <3

    • minority
      November 1, 2011

      Thank you so much for the love and support..and please feel free to share our videos and website along to family and friends. 🙂 onelove,Kosal

  2. Adam Stanhope
    June 24, 2012


  3. Rick
    July 20, 2012


    I love, love, love your video. This is an excellent piece with a very deep, deep message to the world. It is so sad to see and hear the stories and the struggles that you guys have gone through due to mistakes made in the past and during your youth. I hope that one day you will find an option to return. Don’t give up and believe that miracles do happen.

    Take Care,

    Rick – Atlanta, GA USA


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